This survey will include:


  • Research including a review of available Records of Survey for the area and collection of field evidence required for an adequate resolution of the boundaries. 

  • Setting of ¾” steel rods with caps or brass disks with masonry nails in concrete and asphalt at all corners except where existing monuments are found.

  • Identification of any encroachments on or off the property.

  • Location of all site improvements and surface features as required by the jurisdiction.

  • Location of all site improvements including houses, decks, docks, sheds, roof overhangs, sidewalks, steps, rockeries, retaining walls, fences, etc.

  • Location of surface evidence of utilities including overhead power, cable and telephone, storm and sanitary sewer manholes with inverts, catch basins with inverts, water and gas meters, etc.

  • Location of surface evidence of utilities.

  • 2' contours and spot elevations where appropriate. 1’ contours can be provided if requested.

  • Location of all significant trees with caliper and dripline. Some jurisdictions may require trees be identified and assessed by a licensed arborist. We will coordinate with an arborist numbering system if provided.

  • The survey shall be provided in PDF and CAD (DWG AutoCAD) format.

  • The survey shall be recorded with the County if required by law.


Client Responsibilities


  • Please be sure any gates on the property are unlocked and animals put away on the day(s) of your survey.

  • While not required to complete the survey, if you have a title report or copies of deeds and easements on your property please provide them. If you would like easements shown on the property, we will need you to provide a title report.

  • If there are any issues, concerns, disputes or things which we should be aware of, these shall be disclosed to us in writing prior to the commencement of the survey.

  • If there are any special instructions, jurisdictional requirements or pre-application notes, these shall be provided prior to the commencement of the survey.  If any of these items requires a revision to the scope of work, it shall be billed on a time and material basis.


Boundary & Topographic Survey - Scope of Work

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