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Short Plat & Plats
Civil Plats

Site constraints, new development regulation, and environmental impacts make preliminary and final site engineering for short plats and subdivisions as much an art as it science.  With competing needs and requirements, finding the right balance and resolving issues to the satisfaction of all the vested parties becomes more challenging all the time.


Experience, temperament, creativity, persuasiveness, and communication skills are more important than ever.  We don't take on every project.  However, all the projects we do take on are managed and completed by the principal engineer. 

Single and Multi-Family Residential
Civil SF

Meeting site development requirements for local jurisdictions is becoming more difficult and the sites being developed are more restrictive and tricky.  Coordination with other design professionals, particularly architects, is key to successful integration of site development with building design and meeting the intended end use of the property.


Problem-solving and bringing creative ideas and concepts to the table is just one of the benefits of working with us.  Open communication, a desire to make your vision a reality and  a commitment to a sense of stewardship is brought to every project we get involved in.

Seattle SDOT and DPD Projects
Seattle SDOT

We provide comprehensive development services for Short Plats, Long Plats, Binding Site Plans, Condominiums, and Unit Lot Subdivisions throughout Washington State.  We provide services that can include:

  • Complete land development services for a fee, in a partnership or as a buyer

  • Feasibility studies

  • Land planning

  • Proforma and cost estimate development

  • Public hearing representation

  • Project management

  • Land surveying

  • Civil engineering

  • Construction contract management

  • Construction observation

  • Land marketing and sale before, during or after development

Commercial Site Engineering

The American Land Title Association worked with the National Society of Professional Surveyors and designed the survey to cater to lenders and title companies for commercial property developments. A person or company may need an ALTA survey before buying or financing real property when there is a need for highly specific information such as the location of buried sewer lines, locations of fences, and whether a building on a piece of land affects an easement. Often, in order to receive extended title insurance coverage, an ALTA survey is required.  

ALTA surveys are comprehensive and impose stricter requirements than ordinary land boundary surveys do. ALTA surveys show easements, rights-of-way, land ownership, hidden assets, parcel boundaries, and unrecorded liens. Certain companies must acquire ALTA surveys before they can begin work on a piece of land to ensure rightful ownership and right-of-way and avoid legal issues. 

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