Employment at Plog Engineering

Plog Engineering is a small company that is built to be a good fit for people that don't fit the standard corporate mold.  Above all we are professionals that seek to complete the best work we can and provide the best possible service to our clients. We strive to do that within the context of life and all of it's various demands, complexities and lifestyles.  


Mark Plog enjoys mentoring the newcomer's to the profession and also appreciates the seasoned professional that wants some freedom to work and live as they see fit.  We have exacting standards for the end product - the path taken to get there is flexible.  


To work with us you MUST have the following traits:


1) You must be self-motivated.  If you wait for someone to tell you what needs to be done you will not be a good fit.

2) You must not be afraid to ask questions

3) You must be accepting of others.  We do not tolerate any prejudice of any kind.


We are always seeking the right people to add to our team and will accept all resumes via email (send to mark @), but please do not tie up our busy phones with calls.  When you send a resume, please also send a cover letter that tells us about you. Don't assume what you think we want to hear about you. You would be surprised what matters to us about a potential candidate, so be honest and tell us about what is important to you, issues that matter to you, what you do for fun and what you would like to accomplish in life.


What positions are we most interested in now?  


1) Surveyors (experienced and entry level)

2) Civil Engineers (all levels)


Those that are underrepresented in the industry are strongly encouraged to apply. Senior and semi-retired engineers are encouraged to talk to us about supplementing their income with part-time work from home - we value your experience. 


We will also consider working with independent contractors.



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